Monday, February 14, 2011


Urban Outfitters launched a new line of bridal wear on Valentine's Day, called BHLDN. Here are the prettiest things I've found on the site.

First, a feather bolero .In my favorite color ,pink!

An eyelet wedding dress .....
A very lovely dress.....
Some fancy lingerie....just pull the bow! Ooooooh!

These pretty pom poms to attach to your shoes.
And sweet fingerless these!
Or lacy ones with bows.....
Everything has it's price....but girls, don't buy this piece of fabric for $160.00....I'll tell you how to make it for $10.00.(Just the Yankee in me ! )

All in all, it's a pretty line.Just in time for all of the Spring weddings coming up! TTFN! :):)

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