Saturday, November 21, 2009

Then we went to NY City...

Even though I must have packed a billion boxes of glassware and pottery and books from my newly sold house,what did I buy when we went to NYC for a week? Glassware, pottery and books! First stop....Anthropologie....where Natalie Lete is doing her thing (and reasonably priced)

Here are some of the things that I bought......
Jeffrey even likes them!

This is a little condiment set....add it to my collection!

and I have been using this pretty teacup
that I use every morning to drink my new favorite tea in....Kusmi Kashmir tchai

another teacup....just for fun....

And these Lily of the valley glasses from Fishs Eddy....mine are my favorite color, PINK! Tomorrow, I'll let you know about the books....Happy Sunday! :)

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