Thursday, April 2, 2009

Margaret Oomen

I was flicking through Country Living Magazine and came across this wonderful dressed up stone by Margaret Oomen.
She is a family doctor, mother and Artist. While searching around, I found a great interview, (and another dandy blog) by Lou Lou and Oscar
Thanks, Lisa! There are more pics here at hodgepodgefarm and another interview. Thanks, Cal!

These flower stones remind me of shrinky dinks......
I could paint these designs....but crochet....what patience!

This is the colorful stone featured in the April edition of Country Living beautiful!...Dressed up for a party!
Thank you, Margaret for all of the inspiration....xo:):):)


Marnie said...

my 1st thought 2- shrinky dinks - love that description 2

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Hi Nantucket Mermaid! Thank for visiting us at Mermaids of the Lake. How fun to find another mermaid! I love your Mermaid and would love to invite you to put it in our Mermaid Gallery on our Mermaids of the Lake online-magazine/website. Let us know.

Also, I too was inspired by the artist who decorates the stones. So much so, that I purposely picked larger ones on my Spring Break trip this last week to the Oregon Coast. I am going to do something fun with them. I have painted rocks many times, but decorating them with fabric is extra fun. Thank you for sharing. I'm sure that all three of us will be back! (Mermaids Debbie, Shelley and Jennifer)

Mermaid Debbie